Clear Channel Airports’ President, Morten Gotterup – The future of advertising in U.S. airports

Date: January 27, 2021
Source Article: OOH Today

By Beth Warren
SVP Marketing and Retail Practice – Creative Realities Inc. and Board Member of

Photo of people walking through an airport

Pix In Bricks, Beth Warren’s pick of the week

Our Digital Signage industry both thrives and survives measurement methodology that is precise, and allows more comprehensive intelligence on airport travelers.

Clear Channel is leading the way on bringing new intelligence they are adding to ensure ROI for advertisers, going beyond simple impressions to targeting depth of engagement on key segments of travelers as the pandemic eases.

This piece also features one of Creative Realities’ very own technology design and deployments of a massive curved LED at JKF’s Terminal 4, featuring LED from Nanolumens. Read on!

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