ACE Roundtable: The Engagement Tech That Worked In 2020, And Should For 2021

ACE Advocates of Connected Experiences discusses Tech that has really worked during this pandemic.

Date: January 27, 2021
Source Article: SIXTEEN:NINE

Beth Warren, SVP Retail Strategy adds this synopsis:
Although the pandemic has upended our lives, shifting consumer concerns to adapt and adopt new shopping behaviors – Digital Technology could not be in a better place to assist, enrich, enhance and enable procurement of all needs from the basics to bold wants. More over, digital signage has the ability to play a role in connecting consumers in new ways to facilitate the journey, keeping it safe and frictionless; and more convenient than ever. This was one of my favorite panels of the last 6th months as it brings the human promise of technology, and its new found purpose – to the forefront.

Enjoy the perspective of those putting Pivot in bold face!

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