Advocates For Connected Experiences Panel – Getting Back To Work Amidst New Norms

Date: June 10, 2020
Source Article: SIXTEEN:NINE

This is a special version of the 16:9 podcast – the audio from a recent online call put on by the new Advocates For Connected Experiences, focused on the challenges of getting people back to work, and what that means for connected experiences and technology.

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The chat, done on a Zoom video call, features senior folks from several organizations, talking about what’s changed, what’s going on now, and how technologies are being applied.

On the call, you’ll hear from:

  • Kim Sarubbi, ACE
  • Joe’ Lloyd, AVIXA
  • Trent Oliver, Themed Entertainment Association
  • Debbie Hauss, Retail Touchpoints
  • Cybelle Jones, SEGD
  • Bryan Meszaros, SEGD
  • Kym Frank, Geopath
  • David Drain, ICX Association
  • Beth Warren from CRI

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